create facebook frame

I tell you today how to build a frame just so that it can be approved by Facebook?
We mentioned the facebook frame in the previous article, which will be posted to facebook. Be sure to go from here.
Today it says how to create a facebook frame using photoshop.

  • First of all, we need to remember that this frame is even square.Then it will fit into a profile picture.You can enter &  adjust the frame to the profile picture later.
  • Then, when saving the created frame, you need to save the .png file.Because otherwise, but the profile picture cannot be found.
  • Also, do not create a frame as a name for a website.If it's an advertisement , it's likely that this cannot be approved by facebook.That's why I need to create without the need for different addresses.Do not allow your frame to add a website address.Because then your frame will be disapproved by facebook.So just enter what is commonly said.
Then you will know the basic facts now. See also the video below.

However, you should take care of a few things.Make your frame with a nice look.Then your frame fascinates everyone's eyes.Then you can get a good promotion.Also, create a frame that fits most people.Let's explain this, for example.
The frame you create does not have a proper quality.Also, the frame takes a lot of unnecessary space.If it does, it will not match your frame to the user's face.Then your frame can be removed.So make sure you have a good .png image in good space.Also, delete unwanted items in your frame.Then just enter the main things that are necessary.Then you can create a successful frame.
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