Things to consider before you take a new Hard Drive

Things to consider before you take a new Hard Drive
Things to consider before you take a new Hard Drive
The hard drive is one of the most important parts of a computer.But this does decrease the lifetime when using time.As a result, the speed of the computer slows down.So you need to transfer a new hard drive.This is especially important before buying a new one.You must purchase to suit your needs.Also, efficiency should be high and low price.There will be a good deal.But this can be practically difficult.So let's talk about it all.

1. Higher speed SSD also low cost HDD?

Things to consider before you take a new Hard Drive
Higher speed SSD also low cost HDD?
There is a major difference between SSD and HDD.There are moving parts in the HDD.In SDD, we store data in flash memory like in chips used on the phone.In the HDD, a very fast spinning disk drives the data to be written by another moving hand, and the power required for it is both time-consuming.Since there are no moving parts, the SDD is too fast.
But in the sense of money, their story is quite different.The cost of a Gigabyte of SDD in SDD is very high, and the other does not have such an environment.Therefore, we now have to think through our choice of needs.If your need is to increase the computer storage of your computer, you should definitely choose one HDD.So you can get more space at a lower price.But if the operating system searches for the main features you use for frequently used files, designs, games, etc., it's definitely an SSD.Your work will be easier, even if you do not have much space.If you have problem, you can use a cloud computing service, such as Google Drive, which is a small file.

2.Take special care of the connecting ports.

Things to consider before you take a new Hard Drive
Take special care of the connecting ports.
Most desktops now have a 3.5-inch HDD, so it's important to know that the new hard drive is of the same size.Also, while the laptop has a new hard drive, most of them have a 2.5-inch size, so you have to choose one that suits each other.It's not a problem, because 2.5-inch-but not more-3.5-inch adapted adapters.
If you select a hard drive on a desktop computer, you can use the small size of the other devices in the interior and allow air circulation.Especially the size of the HDD is the increase in height because of the increase in the number of devices inside the hard drive and increase disk capacity to increase the capacity.But for the SSD, there is no problem.In addition, it is important to note that there is an IDE cable and a SATA cable in the mounting location.The newer hard drives have a SATA port, and the old one has a very long connection pin.So, when buying a new one, it's essential to look at it.If you are using an external Hard drive, USB port will not be problematic.

3. Check the performance and specifications

Things to consider before you take a new Hard Drive
Check the performance and specifications

If you look at the top of the hard drive, you will see how the hard drive contains important details.A description on a piece of paper is given.And when you buy it, beware of it.In addition to asking another person's details, accurate information can be obtained while reading the contents.It is necessary for us in a hard drive, how much capacity it is.The HDD and the SSD also run 128GB, 256GB, 500GB to 1TB and up, and for a further two years, a typical 1TB hard drive for home use is usually enough.But a 1TB SSD is a bit expensive, so there's a 256GB SSD for essentials such as the operating system, and if you do not use an Internet Cloud service or an external hard drive to keep other files, you can keep a 500GB HDD.When taking an HDD, its RPM is important.
And cable matters should also be considered.Although used IDE cable in the past, it is currently used by SATA.So SATA cable is faster.Although it's time to think about it, the technology has come up to a maximum of the HDD.However, there is more time than the SDD.

4. To increase the capacity, take an external Hard

Things to consider before you take a new Hard Drive
To increase the capacity, take an external Hard
Your primary objective is to keep the files in your computer safe and to increase the capacity of your computer if you are buying an external hard drive rather than a hard drive.Because the hard drive in the computer is vulnerable to accidents.It can be damaged by electrical leakage.There you may lose your important information.So use external hard.But you do not have such a risk if your files are backed up once a week or once a month.

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