What is Telegram and why it should be used?

There are currently a lot of messaging Apps around the world.They are selected and used according to the wishes of many people.It is also important to make the application easier to use.In view of this, you can now use the messaging app, such as Whatsapp, Viber and Imo, for example.But we do not know, there's another very good messaging app in the world.Its name is Telegram.

What is Telegram and why it should be used?
What is Telegram and why it should be used?

This Telegram app is similar to whatsapp.You can use it using your phone number.We also want to talk about the features of this Telegram app today.So let's look at these facts.

There are many reasons to use this app.

1. We can do the file by 1.5GB.But it can not do it in an application like whatsapp.

2. There is no ad in this app.This is similar to whatsapp as well.The user does not feel any difficulty.

3. Telegram provides App and Softwares for current world-based operating systems such as Appl, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.Therefore the used mobile phones are not relevant.You can use PC Client software if you need it on your computer.

4. You can turn on Popup Notification on Telegram, like in Whatsapp It's easy, You can also reply from the Home screen when you receive a message.

5. Only show the Last Seen can be hidden only on the selected one. This is not even whatsapp.

6. We've put an app lock for whatsapp, viber.But the lock on the telegram is a separate feature.

7. Sticker is another feature that does not have whatsapp.But it can be seen in viber.We can also take sticker in Telegram.

8. We can send a Mute Message.That means the messenger will not be disturbed.He did not even silence his cell phone, but he did not even know that the messaging we sent came.

9. These have given us a very important feature.That's the message edit.It has been provided with the ability to edit it after you have sent the message.

10.  Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs.

Security in Telegram

What is Telegram and why it should be used?
Security in Telegram

Security is an important part of what we do.So the Telegram should be so.Sometimes we can hear, whatsapp, viber message are monitor.However, something like whatsapp can not be monitored.Because it's an end to end encrypted messaging service.There is some protection.However, if the government wants it, Information from whatsapp is available.

But there is no telegram.Telegrams are in secret messages feature.That's end-to-end encrypted messaging.But, that messaging does not trace telegram.So, know that information, Only the sender and the receiver.So for this reason telegram is more secure.

How to maintain telegram?

What is Telegram and why it should be used?
How to maintain telegram

Actually, Telegram is a non-revenue company.And no ads are included in their apps.So now you think how this company gets revenue.Most business people are concerned about their privacy.So the are chosen a messaging app with best privacy.So the best app for that is the telegram.There is a better privacy than whatsapp in this telegram.Those who are interested in this app from around the world donate money to their company.As a result, the company is maintain this money.


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