SEO Guide - part 02

SEO Second Lesson - Discover the Best Keywords for your website.We trust you have read the article on SEO before.If you were unable to read the article, please login and read the article.There we talked many things about SEO.The second step of the SEA lesson is expected to be discussed today.That is, we bring you information about how to do a Keyword Research correctly and how to find the best Keywords that best suits your website.You know that Google is the best and most popular search engine in the world.There is a word you enter or search term for millions results.
SEO Guide
SEO Guide
So when there are millions of results, do you think that Google ranked those websites as 1,2,3 ...?That is, Google uses a specialized algorithm.Here are some factors that can be used to rank a particular site in a keywordThey can be divided into two main sections.

  • Proper keyword information in the site is properly included and the user can easily navigate the site.
  • The reputation of the Internet for this website.
You also need to first select a Keyword List, including a keyword, and imagine that your website is in the search when you search for the best Keywords for your site.Do not forget to create your Keyword List in order to get comments from your friends and readers of your site.Because there are many different ideas than you think.Include these 100 key words and set up your list.After completing the Keyword List, you should do the analysis accordingly.In those analyzes, you should pay particular attention to the following.
  • The search engine results page for the relevant Keyword is the place where your website is located.
  • Search for the keyword in a search engine in the past week / month / year.
  • How popular is the keyword?
  • As powerful as the highest websites on the same search result.
  • Keyword popularity with time.
  • Countries most searched for the keyword.
The online tools and Keyword Research Software available in the internet are available free of charge and cost-effective, which provide additional information.
  • Free Services.
  1. Google Adword Keyword Planner 
  2. Google Trends  
  3. Google Correlate 
  4. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator
  5. Keyword In
  • Services Available for cashing.
  1. SEMrush
  2. Longtail PRO
  3. Buzzsumo
  4. SERPwoo
  5. Market Samurai 
However, you'll need to use the free services first.It is wise to use these services after gaining inspiration and experience after consulting services.If you are a newcomer to SEO, we recommend that you first use the Free Tool below.

1). Google Adword Keyword Planner.

A Google Free Search Engine is an analytic tool for analyzing advertisers in their search engine.But for Keyword Research, it's also easy to use.It's available to find out how much Keyword Search and Keyword is for some Keyword, and how popular keyword is in any country or region.

2). Google Trends.

This is also another tool that Google itself is very easy to use.Here, like Adword Keyword Planner, data can be graphically analyzed in past times.
In addition to these tools, there are many more free and used tools and software in the internet.Try to find a better and quality analysis if possible.Also, if you are thinking of using any tool or software to pay for it, we first recommend SEMrush and Market Samurai. Try a synopsis.
Now, create a separate analysis of keyword lists and analyze them individually today.You have spent a week, two weeks, or even a month for this, but you do not have an offense.You must engage in on-page SEO activities and off page-specific SEO activities to pick up the search engines to match the best keyword 20-30.Until then.We hope to bring in a lot more details in not forget to use this knowledge in practice in this article.

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