Checks before You Buy a Used iPhone

Checks before You Buy a Used iPhone
Checks before You Buy a Used iPhone
Apple's iPhone, which is the highest in the world, has a much higher value.That's because of the high quality features of the Apple phone.And can be used for a long time.You can buy an Apple iPhone sometime from a second hand or from an apple.First of all, you need to know about this before you buy an Apple phone.When it comes to an iPhone, Apple has a few modules to it.


iphone 5
iphone 5s

The reason is that some of the models are released because the frequency in each of the countries is different.They make separate models for those countries.So, some of these models do not promote 3G & 4G to Sri Lanka Or maybe it's just another country.Currently, there are 4 iphone models that do not support 3G & 4G in Sri Lanka.
01) iPhone 5 - A1428

This does not make the Dialog or Mobitel 4G not support.The reason is that both of them have a 4G signal frequency of 1800Mhz.But this phone has a chip of 1700Mhz.2G & 3G works smoothly.

02) iPhone 5c - A1526 - This does not work as early as 4G.

03) iPhone 5s - A1528 - This is not the same 4G work.

04) iPhone 6s plus - A1690

This does not support 3G frequency.It does not work in the airtel, dialog, mobitel, etisalat, hutch.It worked 2G & 4G without any problems.The iPhone's model number can see behind the phone.The casing can change the model number one.Take care of that.Go to www.imei.info site for this.This site can use the IMEI Number and look at the model number.But if you've switched the back cover on the phone, it may be wrong to look at this information.So, the person who had previously been contacted can hear this.

These things do not apply to other iPhones not mentioned here.This is just one aspect.There are many more points to look at.We will be informed in the future too.So today we talked about Sri Lanka based on iphone.This information may vary from country to country.