All iPhones, iPads and mac computers are at risk!

iPhones, iPads and mac computers All this is in danger.This is said by Apple.They say that iPhones, iPads and mac computers have a risk of hacking.These errors have been named Meltdown and Specter.This affects all devices powered by MacOS and iOS.This means that hackers can enter your device using virus software.That is, the password, image and confidential information in iphone can be accessed by someone else.
All iPhones, iPads and mac computers are at risk!
All iPhones, iPads and mac computers are at risk!
According to Apple,A new software update was released in December 2017.It solved this Meltdown bug partially.But so far,It is not reported that this error has been used by hackers.However, the specter bug has not yet been solved.Apple has not yet been able to solve it.This Specter bug is affected to ARM processors.These ARM processors are all integrated in iphone and ipad.The specter bug is Problem with the processor creation (ARM, Intel and AMD modern processors).Therefore, not only for apple devices,All computers and operating systems are in danger.
You all know,A smartphone is a computer.It has a processor.So the processor handles all information on the phone.Meltdown and Spectre supports unauthorized access to information in the device.It is an advantage for hackers.So this is a very serious situation.This is not to be overlooked at all.This hacker attack is called a side channel attack.
So, apple company is,A company that is very concerned about the protection of users.This is why Apple is particularly concerned about this.Even if you have a javascript in a website, a hacking attack on your computer or phone may occur.So you need to be protected.Always install app only through istore.However, the Apple company is looking for solutions to these problems.So further issues can only arise.It is important that you always keep an eye on these.Also, be sure to keep your confidential information.

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