7 Smartphone Myths

Everyone has a smartphone in the world.There are various features of this smartphone.So there are people's various misconceptions about this.So today we are talking about these misconceptions.Today, we understand the true reality of this.
7 Smart Phone Myths
7 Smart Phone Myths
There are many misconceptions about the smartphone.So some of the facts are right,But they think the facts are wrong.And some of the facts are wrong,But they think the facts are right.So there are different views about these.Let's look at these things now.

1.smartphone charging.
7 Smart Phone Myths
smartphone charging.
A smartphone has a Lithium ion battery.Because of the Lithium-Ion battery, charge the phone without any problem.Some people say that phone charging are not always good.Actually it's not a problem.The way you charge your phone is not a problem.You have 80% of your battery.So now you charge the phone.This is not a problem.You should never wait until 0% battery.You can charge at any time.The best thing you should do,If you have a battery on your phone between 20% and 40%,then charging is appropriate.
There were many problems in the old phone battery.But now smartphone and battery life are also smart.Therefore, you can charge the battery without fear.

2.The whole day is charging a smartphone.

There is an opinion among people that this is not a good thing.In fact, this is a wrong view.If you do, it will never matter to the phone or battery.No harm.You think your smartphone is charging tonight.So think of putting charge for 8 hours in charge.So doing this will not harm.Imagine that your phone is 100% off on charging.Your phone now knows that you do not have to charge another.And then the phone stops charging.Then the charger operates as a power adapter.Because if your phone is on, it will cost some battery power.So your battery will not be overcharge.

3.The higher the quality of the phone's megapixels.
7 Smart Phone Myths
The higher the quality of the phone's megapixels.

This is a total misconception.Different cameras come into the phone.And one very small sensor is in a phone camera.So the number of megapixels is only part of the smallest part.So think your camera is a 12 megapixel.That is, at a very small fraction of 12 million pixels.Just think for example, this is 36 megapixel.So you understand that there are only 36 million in a very small part.So the light will be reduced by three times.So the quality of the photo can be reduced.So if the lens is a big one, this is not a problem.But the smartphone has a very small lens.

4.Charge only from the charger that the phone receives.

This is also a misconception.The charger coming in the phone is not always the best charger.But it is a charger that can be recommended by the phone.The charger on the phone is always good.But that's not the best charger.Maybe there are even better chargers in the market.You may want to buy a good branded charger.
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5.The charger cable is not important.
7 Smart Phone Myths
The charger cable is not important.
This is a misunderstanding.The charging adapter in your phone is so good, but the cable is not good or it's a problem.So if it's not enough to get enough power through the cable, it does not matter.So your charger adapter and the cable are also very important.So it's important for you to have a branded cable.
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6.Always good to kill apps on your phone.
7 Smart Phone Myths
Always good to kill apps on your phone.
You've seen, go to recent apps and kill these apps.In fact, there is no big need for this.If you have more than 1GB of RAM on your phone, you do not have to do this.Because a smartphone has a best of memory management.This can be Android or iOS.So do not kill the app.You think you need the same application again.So, you'll have to relaunch the app again.It can take significant battery life and RAM.So, the phone has the ability to handle these things well.App killing is not required if your phone has the required RAM.

7.Software update is not important.

This is a misconception many have.Some people think that software update can damage the smartphone.So, really, let's see what this software update is about.In any software update,Adding new features, Improvements to the security itself, And your privacy will be protected.So these only come into your phone just after you update the software.So a software update can come to any device.So never skip software updates.So the software update is advantageous.So software updates are not always right.However, software updates are released after a careful check.So the chances that have gotten wrong are very low.It does not make a huge impact.So there are bugs in everything.So fix these bugs This software update is important.
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