Pintharuwa - Painting software in sri lanka

We brought simple software to you today.This is useful for painting.This was created by a Sri Lankan person.The name of the software "Pintharuwa".It's also a very simple software.Do you have no knowledge about the use of software like Photoshop?But do you want to paint in a picture?So you'll be very useful for this pintharuwa software.
Pintharuwa - Painting software in sri lanka
Pintharuwa - Painting software in sri lanka

Actually what is this pintharuwa?The pintharuwa was first created in early 2016.Also, currently there are four versions(V1.4) of the software.The last version was completed in October 2017.This software is useful for painting drawings.It can also be used in sinhala.But it can be used mainly in English.It can also be used on any windows operating system.You can also be used without any interruption.

Pintharuwa technical Details
  • Software Name : Pintharuwa V1.4 
  • File size : 3.53 MB
  • Requirements : Windows All
  • License : Free
  • Developer : Aroshana Dissanayake
How to use pintharuwa?

This is very simple indeed.Even a small child is easy to use.We will give you a link below to download this software.Then you can download this as a zip file.You should then install it with the setup.Now you can see 7 Tabs of this software.They are: open image, save as, choose color, change your brush size, New, Sinhala and English.
Pintharuwa - Painting software in sri lanka
Pintharuwa - Painting software in sri lanka
1.First click on the open image tab.
2.Now you can select the picture you want to painting.
3.Next click  on the choose color tab.There you can select the color you want.You can also use Define custom colors.
4.Right now, you've selected the required color.Next you need to select the brush size.
5.Now you can paint as you like.
6.Finally,click on save as tab and save your image.
Pintharuwa - Painting software in sri lanka
Download Pintharuwa
Right now, you have received all the instructions on this software.Now you can use this on your own like.And  there is no problem because this is free software.
Everything is right now.So you know something about Pintharuwa - Painting software in sri lanka.Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you are facing any problem at any step in the method discussed above.