The VIUTube video sharing website in Sri Lanka

Youtube can be called the world's largest video sharing website in the world.Millions of people around have joined together.Also, youtube has a lot of videos.You can see a large number of content creators in the youtube.So most of Sri Lankans use this youtube.So in Sri Lanka there is a video sharing website called VIUTube, like youtube.So today we are talking about this site.
The VIUTube video sharing website in Sri Lanka
The VIUTube video sharing website in Sri Lanka

About VIUTube.

VIUTube is a media solutions platform powered by Kaltura which facilitates the sharing of video and audio online. Faculty, staff and students may upload media content to VIUTube where the content is converted and optimized for streaming in a web browser or on a mobile device. VIUTube is very similar in functionality to the popular video sharing site YouTube, except all of the content is stored locally on VIU servers and authentication is linked to VIU user accounts.
Dialog has taken the initiative to launch the VIUTube website.This site has been created by a team in the form of Dialog within a project.So this VIUTube is like youtube platform.So the special feature of this VIUTube is that it is a 100% Sri Lankan platform.So you can share videos on this site.And if you like, you can create content with VIUTube.So you can easily publish your videos on VIUTube.So this site shows similarity to youtube.You can see videos uploading and a separate channel.

Sharing content in VIUTube

The content that you upload to VIUTube is not password protected, but it is not made visible to other users of the system unless the link to the video is shared explicitly. If you have shared video on YouTube before you may be familiar with the concept of 'private links', which means that content is only accessible by only those who have the specific web address. The responsibility to distribute web address of a piece of content falls on the owner of that content. If the location of that content is made available to persons not warranting access, the only way to correct this is to delete it and resubmit the media. You can share links to content or use embed codes to share your videos in password protected sites such as VIULearn, or on your website.

Use of VIUTube.

So you know that you need a google account to sign in youtube.You must use your e-mail to sign in to this VIUTUBE.To do this, click on the register button on the VIUTube site and register.
The VIUTube video sharing website in Sri Lanka

After signing in, you can usually watch videos, like , comment, and upload content.So if you like, subscribe our SBmade VIUTube channel too.So you can see Sri Lanka large content creator and a large community in the youtube.So, creating a similar environment in the VIUTube is a good thing for Sri Lankans.So, through this, as a separate video sharing website for Sri Lankans, this VIUTube site is available.So if you can continue to make this site a success, a large Sri Lankan people will join this site.

Make money via VIUTube.

However, this gives you more money than you have in YouTube.So you can easily make the contents in the VIUTube.So the first one in the VIUTube is silver.The same in youtube.So, three platforms such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIUTube offer content creater.So let's talk about that.


  • 20,000 - 100,000 views per month
  • Payment activated at 20,000 views
  • 1RS. for every subscriber
  • 1000,000 views + 5000 subscribers = RS. 26,000 PM


  • 101,100 - 500,000 views per month
  • 1RS. for every subscriber
  • 500,000 views + 25000 subscribers = RS. 126,000 PM


  • 501,100 - 5,000,000 views per month
  • 1RS. for every subscriber
  • 501,100 views = SLR. 1,000,000 PM
  • 25000 subscribers = SLR. 250,000 PM
So, this can help you find a good amount of money.There is currently no app for this site.However, an application can be released later.It is also easy to use this site in the smartphone.So you can definitely watch videos with this site.


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