What is the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi - Coca Cola vs Pepsi

Coca Cola and Pepsi are two giant corporations in the soda industry.How did those companies get so successful today? Today, we look forward to comparing Coca Cola and Pepsi.It will be very interesting for you.
Coca Cola vs Pepsi
Coca Cola vs Pepsi
Many people in the world have heard of the name Coca Cola.There are Coca Cola in all other countries except Cuba and North Korea.Coca-Cola is very popular for the most exciting commercials.Coca-Cola is so tied with Christmas, Americans know that Christmas is coming to an begin with Coca-Cola advertising.
Compared to Coca Cola, Pepsi does not receive such popularity.What could be the reason? Coca Cola was created in 1885 in Columbus, Georgia.In that small drug room.At that time, people were addicted to mofin.So for this reason, Coca Cola has been produced by john pemberton.He was injured in the war.He made coca wine from wine, caffeine and cocaine.This was later a drug.It was used for diseases such as Nervous disorders, headache.
In 1886, the wine was removed from the product and named coca cola.Also, Coca Cola contained cocaine up to the year 1900.john pemberton's attempt was not successful for mofin addicted.Finally, he was died with mofin.But with his endeavor, Coca-Cola's delicious beverage was born.

Also, Pepsi was made from a medical purpose.Pepsi was created in 1893 in North Carolina.It was called Brad's drink for five years.It is an honor for Pepsi founder Caleb Bradham.However, it was named in 1898 as Pepsi.The name Pepsi is derived from two of its ingredients.The two ingredients are pepsin and pepsin and kola nuts.The founder himself has said that Pepsi is capable of increasing its energy.

In a tin of 350 mg coca cola, there are 39 grams of sugar.It's about 8 teaspoons.There are also 41 grams of sugar in Pepsi.However, Pepsi adds additional substances.So Pepsi is sweetened.But when caffeine level is compared, coca cola is ahead.In coca cola there is caffeine 38mg.But Pepsi has 34mg.In the United States, it sells 2.3 billion coca cola gallons annually.But Pepsi does not even sell half of it.

Compare Coca Cola and Pepsi companies.

Compare Coca Cola and Pepsi companies.
Compare Coca Cola and Pepsi companies.
Now let's compare Coca Cola and Pepsi companies.The market value of coca cola is around $ 180 billion.Pepsi's worth is $ 150 billion.Although not much change, 30 billion is a lot of money.But there is a huge difference between these companies annually.For example, let's say 2015 year.That year, Coca-Cola earned $ 43.7 billion in revenue.Pepsi also earned $ 63.1 billion in the same year.
Because these companies are not based solely on soda beverages.There are over 130,600 employees at Coca-Cola.Also, there are 274,600 employees in Pepsi.However, Coca-Cola is becoming popular as a trading business.


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