How to Make Your Face as a Logo in Photoshop Cartoon

We also brought a new Photoshop work today.This will surely be a new experience.Because you can turn your face into a cartoon.You can also create this within a short time.Such cartoons have already seen you.But it's important to use your image.And it's very valuable if you can do it yourself.So we will bring these tutorials to you.It can improve your skills.
How to Make Your Face as a Logo in Photoshop Cartoon
How to Make Your Face as a Logo in Photoshop Cartoon
The picture above depicts what we are doing today.So, let's explain to you simply.We also use the image on the Internet to create this.If so, then we will explain how to create this.

1. First, open Photoshop and press CTRL + N to get a new page.

2. Next, open the image you want to design a cartoon.

3. Right click on the layer on that new image and select the rasterize layer.

4. Then click image layer and press Ctrl+U to set -100 saturation.Then you will see the image as black and white

5. Now get a new layer and select Pen Tool

6. Now you need to use the Pen Tool in the black areas of the image.You must use the Pen Tool for the face look.

7. Now select the right part and right-click it for fill the selected part.Fill those parts in black.Thus, you must use this Pen Tool for drawing face.

8. After you use the Pen Tool, You can put it in a design that you like and make it beautiful.

9. Finally make a good background design and save it.

However, we made this creation clear to you in a video.So it will not be hard for you.However, from the above steps, we were hoping to give you a brief idea.Because it's difficult to explain the way you do this through a article.So it is best to clarify through a video.If you watch the video,You will fully understand the above explanations.So check out the video below.
So now you know how to create this.We also used the Pen tool the most.Suppose now that you can create your own creation,So we always help you.Continue to keep in touch with our tutorial and grow your knowledge.

So you know about How to Make Your Face as a Logo in Photoshop Cartoon, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you are facing any problem at any step in the method discussed above.Thank you.

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