How to Add google site verification code your blog

hi Today we are telling your blog is on the google search engine for getting a higher level
Add google site verification code your blog
Add google site verification code your blog
This is a great way to get people to the blog.And this is 100% effective.Also see the blog tutorials articles from SBmade here.A blog site is important to be posted on the blog post to make it google search engine.The topic of the article is one of the most important issues.So it's best to apply a topic that suits many people.

OK, let's see How to Submit blog in Google Search.There are few steps to do this. Let's take a look.
First, apply your google verification code on your blog site.Follow the steps below.

  • First go to your Dashboard on your blog.
  • Then go to its Settings >> Basic >> Search preferences >> Google Search Console >> Edit.
  • Then you go to google search console website.
  • Now click add a property button on the right side
  • Next, give the URL of your blog site.
  • now clik setting button right side & go verification details
  • ok,now click Verify using a different method Link
  • Select the HTML tag and then copy the given code.
  • Now go back to the blog dashboard>>Theme>>Edit HTML
  • Now Press CTRL+ F your key board and search <head>
  • Now paste your copy code  <head> below & save Theme(See the below)


<meta name="google-site-verification" content="YOUR CODE" />

<title> My title </title>



page contents



Now go to Google Search Console >> verification details >> Verify using a different method and select HTML tag.Then click verify button

Right now, your blog will go up quickly in the google search engine.It's important to post your real-time information on your blog And you have to work hard.You, however, need to remember one.It's not enough to just add a google site verification code.Your content should also be very successful.
If so, let's try to get your blog back to google search again in the next article.Comment your idea & see you next article.share this artical with your friends.

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