How to change blogger favicon?

Today we're telling you how to add an icon to a blog.
change blogger favicon
change blogger favicon
In general, the first icon on the blog is the blogger icon.But it reduces the beauty of the blog.My idea is to enter an icon on our blog.It improves the beauty of the blog.Also, the blogger can get some idea through this icon.It's important to always set up a nice and well-suited icon.It is necessary to match the blog content.Also,use a square image that's less than 100KB.
Let's see how we add a icon to our blog.Follow the steps below.

  • Go to and go to the Dashboard on your blog.
  • Then go into the Layout Tab.
  • Next, click Edit in the top Favicon gadget.
  • Then you will see a window that image below
    change blogger favicon
    change blogger favicon
  • Then click on your choice file.
  • Now save your gadget.
OK, now you have entered your icon.Now you can visit your blog for a little while.Then you can see the icon you entered.This icon will be very important for a professional look on a blog.It is also important for the users to your site.That means you can quickly identify your site by having your own icon.Never switch your blog site favicon on your blog.Because your users can not identify the change instantly.Therefore, you may lose traffic on your site.Therefore, use the best icon for your blog.Also, use the icon at the site's advertising campaign.If so, your blog will hit people's attention.Your blog's icon will clash with people.Then, if you update your site with good information, they will look into it as soon as they see your icon.So focus on your content and icon as well.
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