The best Youtube Tricks & Tips

We are talking today about a few things that can be done through Youtube, the world's most popular video site.
The best Youtube Tricks & Tips
The best Youtube Tricks & Tips
Many people look at videos and various information through youtube.And in youtube we have a Tricks Dowry.Most people use Youtube, but they do not have much knowledge about these things.That's why we are talking today about fore super Youtube tricks that matter to everyone.
First, let's see what you can do with youtube search.From there, the other four Tricks will be important to you in everyday life.

First go can watch the youtube in the top search bar.Now search the use the force luke.Then you can watch the video move while the mouse moves.If you search that way, you can see that move.So we can have some fun. search do the harlem shake.In such a way, a song will be played.And these videos begin to dance.It was at one time a trend.
Typically, the youtube text color is search doge meme.And you can see colorful page.Once you go to the YouTube home page, there are colors like this.However, colors in the text can be seen.The above saying most often does not work on the'll work on the chrome browser.A computer is work this tricks in the internet explorer browser.

Alright, let's look at four more important things.You recall the type of YouTube on your Smart TV.The same way you can see this on your phone or computer.Visit the URL for this.It's pretty cool and easy to preview the Youtube.There, we can use it there as we please.
The next important thing is downloading youtube videos.This is very easy.If you do this on a phone, you have to do a separate browser.A computer is very simple.Every Youtube video you have has a URL.Also type ss before the same y in that URL.See the following example.

Now you automatically enter the site you have the convenience of downloading video in various formats.This method not accept live videos.Everything else was successful.This will make it easy for you to download a Youtube video.

The next one is how to get the music on a Youtube video.Let's see how to figure out what music on Youtube video is.Visit for this site.Paste the URL of the Youtube Video there.Then you can see what you need.

Now let's see how we can repeat a Youtube Video.This can do more.There is only a small thing to do.First get the URL of your Youtube video.Type a repeat Before the .com.See the following example.
Now go to that URL.Then go to the website automatically.There you can repeat it.
If so, I think you have learned something from this article too.Let us your feedback by commentAlso share this article with your friends.Then see the next article.

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