The Google Crowdsource sri lanka

Sinhala is a very complex language.Also, this language is used by very few people.That is the Sinhala speaking people in Sri Lanka.And now there is a chance for Sri Lankans to raise the Sinhala language in google.
The Google Crowdsource sri lanka
The Google Crowdsource sri lanka
It's already using Sinhala in google translate and voice search.So, Sinhala is very complicated, and these do not work correctly.So google's language sensors work with some artificial intelligence.To work with artificial intelligence, it must be trained.Now you have the opportunity to teach Sinhala to google.But this is impossible for a single man.This requires the help of a large group of men.So the Crowdsourcing concept is used to do this.That means you can get involved.If you like, go down the link below to get involved with this.Then fill in the form and submit it.Then you can get new information about this.

Then go to the google play store.Then download the Google Crowdsource app.Then install.

App Download -

This app can also log into your Google account.When you first use this app, the english language will be automatically selected.Then select the Sinhala language.You can see a section of the app's image label verification, handwriting recognition, translation, translation verification, landmark.If you enter handwriting recognition, you can see manual fonts.There you have to write down exactly what the Word is.If you go to the translation section, you can see an English word or phrase.There you have to do what exactly is to write Sinhala unicode below.If you go to translation verification, you will see translate words into Sinhala.There you can submit the correct and incorrect ones separately.You can do the same with image label verification and landmark.Also make sure to include them correctly when entering them.If you have unverified words or phrases, you can skip to the next step.

Also, this app can be found in the achievement section.You can also see the current level and badges.So you can contribute this app to get to new level and other badges.So if most people support this app, we can improve the sinhala language in google.We will also be able to handle and see the Sinhala language in google translate, voice typing and elsewhere.And join the googleCrowdsourcesrilanka facebook page.You can find more information and find these answers, and more.So, you can download this app right now and start using it.In the future it will be possible to find Sinhala language in google searvice.
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